Succulent Seafood Kebabs Recipe

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Type: Succulent Seafood Kebabs Free Cooking Recipe – Barbecue


Ingredients / Directions
# 12 X 4oz. (92g) pack frozen cod steaks
# 1lb. cooked shelled mussels
# One and a half pounds (675g) medium prawn in shells
# 1lb. (450g) cherry tomatoes
# 5fl. oz. vegetable oil
# 4 medium onions
finely chopped
# Three quarters of a pint (425ml) lemon juice
# 8tbsp. fresh chopped dill
# 1tbsp. paprika
# salt and ground black pepper # Slice each cod steak into six cubes then place in a bowl with the mussels and whole prawns
# Mix together the rest of the ingredients apart from the cherry tomatoes to make a marinade
# Add the marinade to the fish in the bowl
cover and marinade in the fridge for 4 hour(s)
# Thread on to the skewer with the cherry tomatoes
saving the marinade
# Cook for 10-15 minutes on a pre-heated hot barbecue or grill while basting with the marinade

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