Rye Bread 5 Recipe

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Type: Rye Bread 5 Free Cooking Recipe – Bread


Ingredients / Directions
1 pint luke warm water
2 pints sifted rye flour
1 compressed yeast cake To prepare this Rye Bread Recipe 5
first dissolve yeast in the water then add the flour making it the consistency of a batter. Allow to rise until it is inclined to settle.



To the sponge add:

1 pint luke warm water

1 pint sifted rye flour

3 pints Gold Medal flour

2 teaspoons salt

Mix the dough thoroughly and allow to stand 20 minutes. Mould into loaves and place in pans. Allow to rise in pans about 40 minutes or until it rises one-third its volume. Bake in medium oven. When taken from oven brush with water.

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