Third Bread Recipe

Montanablues Pancake Mix Gift In A Jar! Recipe

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Type: Montanablues Pancake Mix Gift In A Jar! Free Cooking Recipe - Breakfast All good! Ingredients / Directions * 2 cup(s) all purpose flour * 5 teaspoons baking powder * 4 tablespoons sugar * 1 teaspoon salt Include decorative tag that says: Combine contents of jar with: * Blueberri

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gooseberries with double chocolate fondue

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Cooking receipe to make gooseberries with double chocolate fondue under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.gooseberries with double chocolate fondue sunday times cook book100g cape gooseberries (also known as Physalis or Chinese lantems) 150ml doubl

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Oatmeal and Fruit Recipe

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Kofta Potato Meatballs Recipe

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Type: Kofta Potato Meatballs Free Cooking Recipe - Starter Not bad! Ingredients / Directions 2 medium potatoespeeledcubed350g minced beef or lamb1 onionchopped1 eggbeaten 1 cup(s) fresh breadcrumbs 1 tblspn chopped fresh coriander 1 stick celeryfinely chopped 1 clove garliccrushed Sal

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Type: Third Bread Free Cooking Recipe – Bread

Simply good!

Ingredients / Directions
2 cup(s)s lukewarm water
1 yeast cake
? tablespoon salt
? cup(s) molasses
1 cup(s) rye flour
1 cup(s) granulated
corn meal
3 cup(s)s flour To prepare this Third Bread Recipe
first dissolve yeast cake in water
add remaining ingredients
and mix thoroughly. Let rise
let rise again
and and turn into greased bread pans
having pans one-half full; let rise
and bake.

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