Eggplant with Hot Garlic Sauce Recipe

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Type: Eggplant with Hot Garlic Sauce Free Cooking Recipe – Chinese Foods

Try this one!

Ingredients / Directions
4-6 Chinese or Japanese eggplants

1 t chopped fresh ginger
1 T chopped fresh garlic( I use 4-6 cloves
as I really like garlic)
1 T Hot bean paste
2 T soysauce (adjust down for sodium restriction)
1 t sugar (or sucanat)
1 t salt (again
adjust for low sodium version)
1/2 cup(s) soup stock or water
1 T chopped green onion Cut eggplant into finger sized pieces-cut lengthwise
then into quarters etc. Saute with some water in a non-stick pan/wok
until soft. When soft
remove from pan. On low heat
cook garlic
and hot bean paste for a minute
then add salt
soysauce and stock/water. Return eggplant to the pan and cook for about five minutes until garlic is soft and a sauce forms. If sauce is too thin
thicken with 1t corn starch mixed with 2t water.

Serve over white/brown rice.

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