Peach Cobbler Recipe

Applesauce Cinnamon Muffins

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Type: Peach Cobbler Free Cooking Recipe – Dessert

the best!

Ingredients / Directions
1 1/4 lb Frozen peaches
12 pk Artificial sweetner (3ts)
1/2 ts Cinnamon
6 tb Butter
1 c Flour
1/4 ts Salt
1/3 c Rolled oats
Directions Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place frozen peaches in a 8″
square baking dish and allow to thaw completely. Add artificial
cinnamon and mix. In a small bowl
cut butter into flour

salt and rolled oats with pastry blender. Springle over peaches and
stir to blend . Cover and bake for 30 minutes .Remove cover and bake
additional 25-30 minutes or until peaches are tender. Makes 9 (1/3
cup(s) ) serving . 151 calories each serving. Note: You may substitute
5-7 fresh medium peaches or any otherappropriate fresh fruit in this
recipe .However the type of fruit used may affect baking time.

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