Quick Cocoa (Individual) Recipe

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Type: Quesadillas Free Cooking Recipe - Kids Good stuff! Ingredients / Directions Salsa * 1 tomatodiced * 1/2 onionfinely chopped * 1 tbsp. lime juice * 1 tbsp. fresh cilantrochoppedQuesadilla * nonstick cooking spray * 3 oz. chicken breastcut into bite-sized pieces

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Type: Quick Cocoa (Individual) Free Cooking Recipe – Drinks


Ingredients / Directions
2 teaspoons cocoa
Few grains salt
1 tablespoon Karo
Red Label
Boiling Water
Top milk or light cream To prepare this Quick Cocoa (Individual) Recipe
first stir the cocoa
salt and Karo together in a cup(s)
almost fill with boiling water
and dilute to taste with top milk or cream.

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