Cod with Saffron and White Wine Recipe

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Type: Cod with Saffron and White Wine Free Cooking Recipe – Fish And Seafoods


Ingredients / Directions
2 pound cod
salty fillet without bones
300 ml white wine
1 dry onion
finely chopped
2 gr. saffron
Olive oil
Mashed potatoes or fresh green beans for garnishing Cut the cod in servings and leave it in a bowl with water for 12 ? 24 hour(s) until unsalted. It is best if the cod is elevated so that it does not touch the salt on the bottom of the bowl. When it is unsalted
saut? the onion with a little olive oil
add the saffron and the cod
extinguish with the white wine
lower the temperature and leave it to simmer with the wine and its juices. Try to see if more salt is needed and add a little freshly grinded pepper. Serve with mashed potatoes or fresh green beans boiled and slightly salted

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