Fillets with Caper Sauce Recipe

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Type: Fillets with Caper Sauce Free Cooking Recipe – Fish And Seafoods

Not bad!

Ingredients / Directions
Fillet of fish (6 servings)
1/4 cup(s) (1/2 stick) margarine
Creole seasoning
Caper Sauce

Melt margarine on a pancake griddle or shallow skillet at 350 degrees F. Place fish on griddle and sprinkle with seasoning. Squeeze lemon over fish. Turn occasionally. Fish is done when it flakes with a fork. Transfer to a warm platter.

Serve with Caper Sauce.

Caper Sauce
1 cup(s) sour cream
2 teaspoons capers
1/2 medium cucumber
sliced and diced Mix together.

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