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Cooking receipe to make shellfish consomme under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

shellfish consomme

consomme de crustaces


2 live hen lobsters each weighing about 450g with their eggs if possible

1 medium bouquet garni

4 garlic cloves

2 celery stalks

25g parsley stalks

1/2 tsp freshly ground black pepper

500ml dry white wine

1/2l fish stock

2 tomatoes

1 carrot

white part of 1 leek

small bunch of fresh mint

2 egg whites

1 branch chervil


The nage:

Place the following ingredients in a saucepan taking care to prepare them as in the recipe for nage or court bouillon

the bouquet garni

4 garlic cloves

1 celery stalk

the parsley stalks

ground pepper

Pour in the white wine and fish stock season with a little salt and bring to the boil over high heat.

Cook for 10 minutes skimming the surface if necessary.

The lobsters:

Rinse them quickly in very cold water plunge them into the nage and cook for I 0 minutes.

Draw the pan off the heat and leave the lobsters to cool in the mage.

The consomme:

Strain the nage through the sieve and reserve.

Split the lobsters and remove the intestinal vein.

Take out the meat and reserve it for another use but keep the claws to garnish the consommme.

Pound the shells and heads being careful to remove the gritty sac which is just behind the head.

Put the crushed shells and heads into a saucepan.

Wash and coarsely chop the tomatoes.

Peel wash and finely shred the carrot celery stalk leek and mint and put them all in the saucepan mixing them in with the crushed lobster shells.

Add the coral and egg whites blending the mixture with your fingertips or a spatula.

Pour in the strained nage and bring the mixture to the boil over high heat stirring frequently with a spatula. As soon as the mixture comes to the boil reduce the heat and simmer very gently for 30 minutes without stirring so as not to cloud the consomme.

The consomme should be as clear as pure spring water so pass it through a fine sieve lined with muslin.

Ladle the consomme into bowls or soup plates and garnish with the finely diced flesh from the lobster claws.

Sprinkle a few sprigs of chervil over each serving.

If you wish you may garnish the soup with a few steamed baby vegetables either turned or shaped into balls; these complement this subtle delicate consomme. You can serve the cold lobster meat as a salad with mayonnaise surrounded by tiny very lightly cooked vegetables or use it in Lobster salad with mangoes. These make excellent hors doeuvre.

Hen lobsters still carrying their eggs (which they do in their tails) are considered to be at their most succulent and savoury. They have a better flavour than male lobsters.

Serves 4

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