soft polenta with melted gorgonzola

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Cooking receipe to make soft polenta with melted gorgonzola under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

soft polenta with melted gorgonzola

soft polenta (qv)

200g ripe creamy Gorgonzola

50g butter

a handful of basil leaves shredded

grated Parmesan

When the polenta is cooked spoon it Into warm serving dish.

Scoop a large dip In the centre with the back of a spoon.

Cut the Gorgonzola into thin slices as best you can (it will crumble and stick to the knife) then put it together with the butter and basil into the centre of the polenta.

Smooth a little of the polenta over tthe cheese and butter to help it melt then serve

while the cheese is still molten.

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