Chicken Soup with Egg and Lemon Sauce (Kotossoupa) Recipe

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Type: Chicken Soup with Egg and Lemon Sauce (Kotossoupa) Free Cooking Recipe – Greek


Ingredients / Directions
# 1 x 3lb. (one and a half kilos) chicken
# 1 medium onion
# 3 eggs
# 1 large carrot
# half a teacup(s) of rice
washed and strained
# 2 lemons
# salt and pepper
# parsley # Wash the chicken and rub it with one of the lemons
# Place the chicken in a pot
cover with water and boil for about 30 minutes on a medium heat
# Add the onion
salt and pepper and continue cooking for about 10 minutes
# When the chicken is done
test with a fork
and remove from the pot
# Strain the broth
bring back to the boil
add the rice and boil for about 20 minutes
then remove from heat
# Beat the eggs
add lemon juice to taste and blend together
# Gradually pour in tablespoons of the hot
but not boiling
broth beating at the same time
# Add this egg and lemon sauce to the soup
stirring constantly
# Ladle the soup into individual warmed bowls
sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve

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