Easter cookies with cheese Recipe

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Type: Easter cookies with cheese Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

It’s ok!

Ingredients / Directions

* 200 gr flour
* 2 eggs
* 12 spoons sugar milk
* 50 gr melted butter
* 200 gr grated graviera cheese
* 2 tea spoons baking powder
* Black pepper Mix the eggs
the milk and the butter in a bowl. Beat the mixture well until it becomes unified. Mix the baking powder with the flour and half tea spoon of pepper. Add it gradually into the egg mixture
stiring the mixture continously. Finally add the grated cheese and mix it well with the egg mixture until the dough becomes unified. Baste a baking pan with the melted butter and dredge over some flour. Spoon by spoon fill the baking pan with drops of the dough. Preheat the oven in 150 C and bake the cookies for 15 – 20 minutes until they take some colour.

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