Easter Lamb on the Spit Recipe

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Type: Easter Lamb on the Spit Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

It’s alright!

Ingredients / Directions
To serve 6-8 persons
you need a lamb that weights about 5 kg! On Easter Sunday Morning
the fire is started at about 7.00 am to ensure that the wood is reduced to glowing embers by the time the roasting starts. the lamb or goat
having been properly cleaned
is rubbed with lemon all over his skin and seasoned with salt
oregano and thyme both outside and inside. then the souvla
the long round iron stick
having also been properly cleaned and rubbed with lemon
is passed through the animal from one end and out through the head. the back feet are secured by passing one through the muscle of the other and are then tied with wire. It is also recommanded to tie with wire the spine of the lamb on the spit.
Two iron poles with forked ends are inserted in the earth by the fire. At the beggining of the roasting session the lamb is at about 60-70 cm from the fire. Later the poles are lowered so the meat rests at a distance of 30-40 cm from the fire.
the long iron spit ends in a handle and members of the family take it in turns to sit and turn it almost continually (Now there are machines doing that for us!). While the meat is cooking they brush on a mixture of olive oil
lemon juice and oregano.
A lamb roasted like this takes about 4 hour(s) or less
presuming that it is of the desirable weight of 5 kgr maximum. It is vital that the lamb cooks very slowly
even if it takes longer than three hour(s). A clear indication that it is nearly cooked is when the flesh shrinks away from the bones. Please note that the fleshy parts (legs and shoulders) take longer to cook
so they draw most of the glowing embers to the two ends
making two small piles of them under the fleshy parts which gives those parts the extra heat they require
while the thin body is cooking at a slower speed.
Serve with a lot of fresh season salad
melitzanosalata and Scarlet Easter Eggs.

For those who can”t roast a lamb on the spit
there”s also a recipe for Roast Lamb in the Oven.

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