Fish Roe Salad (Taramosalata) Recipe

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Type: Fish Roe Salad (Taramosalata) Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

Just do it!

Ingredients / Directions
# 4 oz. (125g) fish roe
# half a cup(s) of olive oil
# 2 lemons
# 4 slices of bread
# 1 very small onion
finely chopped
or 2 cloves of crushed garlic
# pepper # Soak the bread well and remove the crusts
# Mash well and add the fish roe and onion or garlic
taking care to work the mixture until it becomes smooth
# Add the oil and lemon juice alternately
drop by drop
then add a little pepper to taste
# Serve on small plates garnished with olives or capers

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