Greek Chicken Pie (Kotopita) Recipe

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Type: Greek Chicken Pie (Kotopita) Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

It’s alright!

Ingredients / Directions
# 1 x two and a quarter pounds (1 kilo) chicken
cleaned and washed
# 1 lb. (450g) shortcrust pastry
# 1 medium onion
# salt and pepper
# 2 eggs
# 1 cup(s) of butter
# parsley
finely chopped
# 1 cup(s) of kefalograviera cheese
or a hard strong cheese # Boil the chicken in salted water with the onion until tender
making sure that a cup(s)ful of the chicken broth remains at the end of boiling
# Remove the chicken and when cooled
remove skin and bones and cut the meat into small pieces
# Mix the chicken meat with the eggs
pepper and the cheese
then add the juice from the boiled chicken
# Lightly fry the softened onion and add to the mixture
# Butter a medium-sized baking tin then line it with most of the pastry
leaving enough to cover the pie
# Make sure the pastry in the tin is well greased then spread the mixture evenly on it
# Place knobs of butter at various points on top of the mixture
# Cover the mixture with the remaining pastry
buttering the outside of it
# Bake the pie in a moderate oven for 50-60 minutes or until the pie is golden in colour

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