Souvlaki with Pitta Bread (Souvlaki me Pita) Recipe

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Type: Souvlaki with Pitta Bread (Souvlaki me Pita) Free Cooking Recipe – Greek

Try this one!

Ingredients / Directions
# 11 oz. (300g) lean pork shoulder
# 2 medium onions
# 2 firm tomatoes
thinly sliced
# 8 pitta breads
# 8 small skewers
# quarter cup(s) of butter
# parsley
# salt
# pepper
black and red
# oregano # Dice the prepared pork shoulder and sprinkle with oregano
salt and pepper
# Divide the pork into 8 portions
insert onto individual skewers and cook on a grill fire
# Cook the pittas individually on the grill
coating them with butter
# When the pork is tender
put them on the pitta (one skewer for each pitta bread) and slowly draw the skewer
leaving the pieces of meat on the pitta
# Add the onion
parsley and tomato
sprinkle with red pepper and roll up the pitta having first laid it on greaseproof paper
so that when you roll them up
you roll the paper with them
# Only half of the pitta is to be exposed above the greaseproof paper

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