Squashed Frogs Recipe

Peppery Avocado Mozzarella Salad Recipe

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Type: Peppery Avocado Mozzarella Salad Free Cooking Recipe - Salad Outstanding! Ingredients / Directions 6 oz Mozzarella cheese2 lrg beefsteak tomatoescut in half1 ripe avacado2 shallotspeeledthinly sliced1/3 cup(s) olive oil2 tbsp lemon juice1/2 teaspoon sugarSalt to taste1/2 teaspoo

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Cappuccino Cocktail

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Cooking receipe to make Cappuccino Cocktail under category Drink Master. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below. 3/4 oz Coffee-flavored Brandy 3/4 oz Vodka 3/4 oz Light CreamShake well with ice and strain into cocktail glass. [tubepress mode='

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tomato and basil sauce

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Cooking receipe to make tomato and basil sauce under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.tomato and basil sauce 2 tbsp olive oil (from the jar of sundried tomatoes) 2 large garlic cloves peeled and chopped 3 thsp sundried tomatoes chopped 8 large bas

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Nutty Nectarine Tortillas Recipe

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Type: Nutty Nectarine Tortillas Free Cooking Recipe - Mexican It's ok! Ingredients / Directions 1 Mission? Soft Taco Size Flour Tortilla1 Ripe Sliced Nectarine (may use peaches or other fresh fruit)1 teaspoon. Honey1 Almonds slivered 1. Place tortilla on serving plate. Top with nectar

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Type: Squashed Frogs Free Cooking Recipe – Halloween


Ingredients / Directions
1/2 cup(s) (1 stick) butter or margarine
40 large marshmallows (10 ounce bag)
5 cup(s)s corn flakes cereal
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 teaspoons green food coloring
M&Ms plain chocolate candy Melt butter in large saucepan. Add marshmallows and cook over low heat
stirring constantly until melted and mixture is syrupy. Remove from heat. Add vanilla extract and food color. Mix. Add corn flakes and M&Ms and mix until well coated and bright green. Drop from a tablespoon on a piece of wax paper and cool the globs.

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