Cheesy Sausage Burgers Recipe

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Type: Cheesy Sausage Burgers Free Cooking Recipe – Holiday

Try this one!

Ingredients / Directions
# 1 lb. ( 450g ) sausagemeat
# 1 onion
finely chopped
# 3 oz. ( 85g ) pkt. Sage and onion stuffing
# 3 tablespoons oil
for frying
# salt and pepper
# 8 tablespoons of tomato relish
# 8 burger buns
# 8 slices thin Cheddar cheese # Mix together the sausagemeat
onion and stuffing
# Season with salt and pepper and shape into 8 burgers
# Fry in the oil for about 8 minutes each side or till cooked through
# Split the burger buns and toast lightly
# Place burgers in buns
top with a slice of cheese and grill until cheese is bubbly
# Garnish with tomato relish and replace lids

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