Mini Cheesy Fish Pie Recipe

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Type: Mini Cheesy Fish Pie Free Cooking Recipe – Holiday


Ingredients / Directions
# 8 oz. (225g ) smoked haddock
# 1 oz. ( 25g ) flour
# 1 oz. ( 25g ) margarine
# 2 oz. ( 50g ) sweetcorn
# 12 oz. ( 350g ) cooked mashed potato
# half a pint ( 285 ml. ) milk
# 2 oz. ( 50g ) grated cheese # Simmer the fish in milk for 15 minutes
# Drain
reserve the milk
and flake the fish
# Make the milk up to half a pint (285 ml. ) with water then add the margarine and flour
# Bring to the boil
whisking continuously till it thickens
# Add the flaked fish and peas
# Divide between 6 small dishes and cover with mashed potatoes
# Sprinkle a little grated cheese on top
# Place under a hot grill for about 5 minutes or until the top is browned

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