Mini Mackerel Omelets Recipe

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Type: Mini Mackerel Omelets Free Cooking Recipe – Holiday

This is a good one!

Ingredients / Directions
# 8 oz. ( 225g ) smoked mackerel fillets
# 4 eggs
# 4 tablespoons of milk
# salt and pepper
# 2 oz. ( 60g ) butter
# Tomato wedges
for garnish
# fresh parsley
for garnish # Gently poach the mackerel fillets in a little water
flesh side down for 8-10 minutes
# Lift out with a draining spoon and remove any skin
then flake the fish coarsely
# For each omelet
whisk one egg with a tablespoon of milk and seasoning
# Melt half an ounce ( 15g ) butter in a small pan and heat until bubbling
# Pour in the egg mixture and stir with a fork until almost set
about 2-3 minutes
# Pile a quarter of the flaked fish in the center of the omelet and fold over the sides to cover the filling
# Flip out of pan onto a plate with the join underneath
# Make 3 more omelets in the same way
then serve garnished with wedges of tomato and sprigs of parsley

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