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Type: Royal Icing Free Cooking Recipe – Holiday


Ingredients / Directions
# 16 oz. (900g) icing sugar
# 4 egg whites
# 2 teaspoons. glycerine # Sift the sugar into a mixing bowl
# Stir the egg whites in a separate bowl just sufficiently to break them up
# Add half of the sifted sugar
mix well then stir briskly until the mixture becomes smooth
glossy and white
# Cover the bowl with greaseproof paper and leave for an hour(s) so that the bubbles are allowed to rise to the surface
# Add sufficient of the remaining sugar to form a stiff consistency
stiff enough so the mixture rises to form peaks when pulled up with a spoon
# Add the glycerine and leave the icing in an airtight container overnight in a cool place before using

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