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Cooking receipe to make chilli bean sauce info under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.chilli bean sauce infoThis is a thick dark sauce or paste made from soyabeans chillis and other seasonings which is very hot and spicy. Widely used in cooking in

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Type: Sangria Free Cooking Recipe – Holiday


Ingredients / Directions
# two and a half pints (one and a half litres) red wine
# juice of one lemon
# 10 fl. oz..) water
# 4 tbsps sugar
# 1 sliced lemon
for garnish
# 1 sliced orange
for garnish
# 8-10 ice cubes # Put the sugar and lemon juice in a punch bowl or jug and stir until the sugar dissolves
# Pour in the wine and stir again
# Pour in the water
and add the ice cubes
# Add the orange and lemon slices
if in a bowl float the slices o top of the wine
chill and serve

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