Japanese-Style Curry Rice Recipe

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Type: Japanese-Style Curry Rice Free Cooking Recipe – Japanese Foods

Good stuff!

Ingredients / Directions
1 md yellow onion; sliced
2 whole potatoes; chunked (up
-to 3)
2 carrots; diced
1 c whole mushrooms
3/4 lb beef or other meat; cut in
-bite size pcs
1 box curry roux; (japanese
1 serving freshly cooked warm
Read the instruction on the box of commercial curry roux and find out what
ingredients you need first. You may increase or decrease the amount of
vegetables and meat by as much as 50% if you wish. However
the amount of
water you add should not be decreased. If the consistency of the curry stew
is too thick
adjust it by adding water at the end. the commercial curry
roux contains everything
so you do not need to add salt or pepper. Typical
ingredients are listed above.

Directions: Heat a deep pan and add one or two tablespoons of oil. Saute
the sliced onion over medium heat until it softens. Brown the meat
then add it to the onion. Add water as specified
add a bay
and simmer for 2 hour(s). then add the potatoes
carrots and mushrooms
and continue simmering. When the potates and carrots are tender add the
curry roux. Simmer gently for 15 minutes while stirring. Serve with rice

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