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1 (250 g) package of regular firm tofu
600 ml vegetable oil

1Remove the excess moisture from the block of tofu by wrapping it in a clean towel and placing it between 2 cutting boards, let stand for an hour or two.
2Now cut the tofu block into triangle shapes, about two inches long.
3Pour the oil into the wok and heat, when you dip a chopstick into the heated oil and bubbles rise from it the oil is ready for use.
4If the oil smokes it is too hot.
5Using the wok’s spatula, slide the tofu triangles one at a time into the hot oil.
6Fry on both sides until golden brown.
7Scoop the triangles out of the wok and allow them to drain on the wok’s draining grill (or place on paper towels).
8Once the triangles are drained and cool, it’s a good idea to give them a second deep frying.
9This deepens their golden color and makes them nice and crisp.
10Place once again on the grill to drain and cool.
11The final step requires that you place the fried tofu triangles in a colander and run very hot water over them. I put the colander in the sink and allow the hot water from the faucet to run over the tofu, while I simultaneously pour boiling water from a pot over the triangles. This hot water bath completely leeches all remnants of oil from the tofu, resulting in tofu that you would never imagine as having been deep fried.
12Pat dry the tofu and serve with rice or noodles and a little shoyu, or use the fried tofu in another recipe.

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