Chicken a la Tartare Recipe

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Type: Chicken a la Tartare Free Cooking Recipe – Meats

Not bad!

Ingredients / Directions
1 young chicken
1 egg
? cup(s)ful Crisco
Salt and pepper to taste
Mixed pickles
Tartare sauce To prepare this Chicken a la Tartare Recipe
first singe
and split chicken in half; take breastbone out and sprinkle salt and pepper over. Melt 1/2 cup(s)ful Crisco in frying pan and fry chicken half hour(s)
turning it now and then. Remove from pan and place between two dishes with heavy weight on top
till it is nearly cold. then dip in egg beaten up
and roll in breadcrumbs. Melt remaining Crisco
then sprinkle it all over chicken; roll in breadcrumbs once more. Fry in hot Crisco to golden color. Serve at once with a garnish of chopped pickles
and tartare sauce.

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