Smothered Liver I Recipe

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Type: Smothered Liver I Free Cooking Recipe – Meats

Just do it!

Ingredients / Directions
1 pound beef liver
6 slices bacon
cut in halves
6 large onions
sliced thin
Extra bacon grease or other oil
Salt and pepper
to taste
1/2 cup(s) hot water Fry bacon until crisp. Set aside.

Fry onion slices in bacon drippings on medium heat until tender
separating slices into rings as they cook. Prepare liver for cooking by making a few cuts in each slice perpendicular to edge to keep from curling. Trim membrane from edges.

When onions are cooked
push to one side of skillet and turn heat to medium high. Pan broil each slice of liver for 2 minutes on each side. Add more bacon grease or oil if needed to keep liver from sticking. Salt and pepper liver to taste and
after all slices have been browned on both sides
smother with onions. Put bacon curls on top. Add hot water and cook covered for 1 minute. Remove cover carefully because there will be steam.

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