Canadian Style Chop Suey Recipe

Pineapple Loaf Cake Recipe

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Type: Pineapple Loaf Cake Free Cooking Recipe - Dessert No other! Ingredients / Directions 1/2 cup(s) margarine1 1/2 cup(s)s sugar1/2 teaspoon vanilla1 cup(s) crushed pineapple undrained2 1/2 cup(s)s cake flour1 tbsp baking powderDash salt1/4 cup(s) water3 egg whites beaten until stif

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gratin of rigatoni with roasted vegetables

| General Recipes

Cooking receipe to make gratin of rigatoni with roasted vegetables under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.gratin of rigatoni with roasted vegetablesdelia smith175g rigatoni1 heaped tablespoon grated parmesan (parmigiano reggiano) for the topping57

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Fresh Strawberry Pie

| Pie s 4U

Cooking receipe to make Fresh Strawberry Pie under category Pie s 4U. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.Fresh Strawberry Pie Delicious pies made with fresh strawberries. Ingredients:

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Dunkin Doughnuts

| Copycat Complete

Cooking receipe to make Dunkin Doughnuts under category Copycat Complete. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.1 pkg. regular or quick-acting yeast1/8 cup warm water (105-115 degrees)3/4 cup lukewarm milk (scalded then cooled)1/4 cup sugar1/2 tsp. salt1 egg1/6 cup shortening2

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Type: Canadian Style Chop Suey Free Cooking Recipe – Quick And Easy

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Ingredients / Directions
2 cup(s)s elbow macaroni
1 onion
1 green bell pepper
1 pound ground Italian sausage
1 (4.5 ounce) can mushrooms
1 (14 ounce) can stewed tomatoes Bring a large pot of lightly salted water to a boil. Add pasta and cook for 8 to 10 minutes or until al dente; drain.
In same pot
saute onion and bell pepper over medium heat until softened. Remove from pan.
In same pot
cook sausage over medium heat until brown. Drain.
Combine onion mixture
mushrooms and stewed tomatoes in same pot and heat through
5 minutes. Serve.

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