Sweet Potato Soup to Comfort Your Soul Recipe

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Type: Sweet Potato Soup to Comfort Your Soul Free Cooking Recipe – Soups

Not bad!

Ingredients / Directions

3 yams
peeled and cut into large pieces
1 onion
peeled and cut into large pieces
1 small winter squash
peeled and cut into large pieces (or use a smaller part of a large squash)
1-2 carrot
peeled and cut into large pieces
salt or chicken bouillon powder
to taste (no MSG!)”

1. Place all veggies in a soup pot.
2. Cover with water
and then add about 2 more inches of water.
3. Cover and cook on medium to high heat until boiling.
4. Reduce heat to medium and cook until veggies are soft
but not necessarily mushy.
5. Add consomme mix or salt
adjust to taste.
6. Cook another few minutes.
7. Using an immersion blender
blend soup until smooth
or with only a few chunks.
8. Enjoy.

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