Quick Herby Courgettes Recipe

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Type: Quick Herby Courgettes Free Cooking Recipe – Vegeterian


Ingredients / Directions
# 1 small onion
finely chopped
# 1 oz. (25g) fresh brown breadcrumbs
# 1 large egg
# 1 tablespoon of chutney
# half a teaspoon of hot chilli sauce
# 1 tomato
# 2 large courgettes
# half a teaspoon of dried mixed herbs
# fresh parsley to garnish
# tomato wedges
to garnish # Halve the courgettes lengthways and scoop out the flesh with a teaspoon
# Chop the flesh finely and set the shells aside
# Place the courgette flesh
herbs and tomato in a covered three and a half pint (2 litre) microwave bowl and cook on full power for 3 minutes
# Stir in the breadcrumbs
chilli sauce
chutney and salt and pepper
# Divide the mixture between the two shells and place on a flat microwave plate
# Cover and cook on full power for 6 minutes
re-arranging half way for even cooking
# Stand for 2 minutes then garnish with the parsley and tomato wedges

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