mushroom risotto

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Cooking receipe to make mushroom risotto under category Aga Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

mushroom risotto

1l00g assorted wild mushrooms sliced

1 medium onion chopped

2 tbsp olive oil

150g butter

1 clove garlic finely chopped

600 to900m1 light stock hot

275g risotto rice

8 tbsp white wine

50g finely grated sbriuz or parmesan

Fry the onion in the oil and half the butter in a deep frying pan on the simmering plate until soft and pale gold.

Stir in the garlic and the mushrooms

Stir in the rice until well coated with the butter add the wine and boil for about 2 minutes until it is absorbed.

Gradually add the stock stirring until it is all absorbed and the rice is cooked about 20 minutes.

The rice should not become soggy and should have a little sauce round it you may not need all the stock.

Remove from the heat stir in the butter and most of the cheese.

Taste and season. Serve with the remaining grated cheese.

This is a delicious dish for anyone who loves mushrooms. 100g crisply cooked bacon can be added at the end if you are not cooking for a vegetarian. Dried porcini mushrooms can be soaked in water for half an hour and used if fresh varieties are not available. Use the soaking liquid for cooking the risotto.

Serves 4

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