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Cooking receipe to make crumble under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.crumble112g plainflour56g margarine56g grated cheeseMethod1. Melt fat in saucepan and fry onion until soft.2. Add minced meat and fry until well browned.3. Stir in the tomatoes

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Greek baklava Recipe

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Type: Greek baklava Free Cooking Recipe - Greek Good stuff! Ingredients / Directions Directions: Filling * 500 gr. walnutscoarsely chopped * 60 gr. sugar * 1 teaspoon cinnamon Pastry * 500 gr. fyllo pastry * 180 gr. unsalted buttermelted Syrup * 230 gr

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Cooking receipe to make nutmeg info under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

nutmeg info

Nutmeg and mace both come from the fruit of the same plant Myristica fragans. indians have always prized these spices for their medicinal value.

Ancient indian literature mentions nutmeg trees but it is commonly believed that it was the seafaring countries like Portugal and Great Britain that took the trees from the Moluccas where they originally grew to other parts of the world. Today in India nutmeg orchards are

a pretty part of the countryside the dark green trees a sure sign that one is in the tropics.

How it grows

Nutmeg and mace come from an evergreen tree that is usually 10 12m high with dark leaves and fruits that look like apricots. When the ripe fruit bursts open the mace is seen as a lacy scarlet filigree closely enveloping the hard kernel inside which is the nutmeg. The mace or aril is carefully removed pressed flat and dried. On drying the colour changes from a bright red to a warm orange.The kernel within is also dried. It is then cracked open and the seed removed. Nutmeg and mace are cultivated in the Moluccas Sri Lanka the West Indies and India.

Appearance and taste

Dried mace is yellowish red to pale yellow depending on its origin and the lacy blades are brittle. Nutmegs are oval with a dusty brown rough exterior The inside is lighter brown and patterned Nutmegs are sometimes sold in their shells which are eggshaped shiny and the colour of dark chocolate. Nutmeg and mace are similar in flavour but mace tastes cleaner. The aroma of both is perfumed sweet and distinctive. The taste of nutmeg tends to be bittersweet and mace bitter. Nutmeg and mace are not interchangeable.

Buying and storing

Nutmeg is sold whole or ground. Theres nothing quite like the aroma of a few fresh shavings of nutmeg to liven up a dish. Mace is available i hole as aril cut into slivers or ground into a powder. Buy whole nutmeg and grate it as needed. Powdered nutmeg loses its flavour quickly Mace on the other hand keeps well in its ground form. Beware of adulteration buy reputed brands or buy whole mace blades.

Medicinal and other uses

Nutmeg is widely used in indian medicine. It is a sure cure for digestive disorders ilaomnia and rheumatism. The external application of nutmeg in a paste made from powder and water is said to improve skin conditions like eczema and ringworm. It is also an aphrodisiac. Nutmeg butter obtained by cooking and prffsing any low qualiq seeds is used in toothpaste candles and perfumes.

Culinary uses

In India both the spices are used to enhance meats rice and desserts. Rice pudding swirled with nutmeg is a delicacy. Powdered nutmeg is often sprinkled on creamy set milk desserts for a decorative and aromatic touch. In other countries nutmeg and mace are added

to vegetables sauces cheese dishes and soups In Malaysia the ripe fruit which is

high in the jelling agent pectin is used to make jellies and jam and the rind is candied.

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