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Tea - Mulled Rosemary Wine and Black Tea

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pan fried scallops with buttered breadcrumbs

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Cooking receipe to make oils chinese info under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

oils chinese info

A mild vegetable oil is used for deep frying but chinese prefer a cooked oil for stir frying. The oil that has been used once or twice for deep frying can be used as the main oil for stir frying as it has lost its raw taste.


Oil is the most commonly used cooking medium in China. The favourite is groundnut (peanut) oil. Animals fats usually lard and chicken fat are also used in some areas particularly in north China. I prefer always to use oil since I find animal fats too heavy.Throughout this book I have indicated where oils can be reused. Where this is possible simply cool the oil after use and filter it through cheesecloth or a fine strainer into a jar. Cover it tightly and keep in a cool dry place. If you keep it in the refrigerator it will become cloudy but it will clarify again when the oil returns to room temperature. I find oils are best reused just once and this is healthier since constantly reused oils increase in saturated fat content.

Groundnut oil

This is also known as peanut oil or arachide oil. I prefer to use this for Chinese cookery because it has a pleasant mild taste which is unobtrusive Although it has a higher saturated fat content than some oils its ability to be heated to a high temperature makes it perfect for Stir frying and deepfrying. Many supermarkets stock it but if you cannot find it use corn oil instead.

Corn oil

Corn or maize oil is also quite suitable for Chinese cooking. It has a high heating point although I find it rather bland and it has a slightly disagreeable smell. It is high in polyunsaturates and is therefore one of the healthier oils.

Other vegetable oils

Some of the cheaper vegetable oils available include soyabean sunflower and sunflower oils. They are light in colour and taste and can also be used in Chinese cooking.

Sesame oil

This is a thick rich goldenbrown oil madefrom sesameseeds which has a distinctive nutty flavour and aroma. It is widely used in Chinese cookery as a seasoning but is not normally used as a cooking oil because it heats rapidly and burns easily. It is often added at the last moment to finish a dish. Sold in bottles you can obtain it in many supermarkets and in Chinese grocers.

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