omelette with croutons

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Cooking receipe to make omelette with croutons under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

omelette with croutons

1 thick slice of white bread

30g butter and a little more for cooking the omelette

Cut the bread into small cubes removing the crusts if you wish.

Melt the butter in an omelette pan then fry the bread until golden on all sides.

Remove and drain on kitchen paper.

Wipe the pan with clean kitchen paper and melt a little more butter in it over a moderately high heat: it should do little more than coat the bottom of the pan.

Break the eggs into a bowl and beat gently.

When the butter foams and fizzes slip in the eggs and tilt the pan so they cover it.

When the base of the omelette is beginning to set use a fork to move the outside to the middle so the uncooked egg will start to firm up.

When it is partially set with a soft tender (but not runny) centre tilt the pan scatter the croutons fold the omelette over and slide it on to a warm plate.

The contrast between the soft melting omelette and the crunchy fried cubes of bread is a fine thing indeed.

Serves 1

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