Philadelphia Roll Sushi Japanese cooking recipe

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8 ounces cream cheese, cut in lengths of 1/4-inch square
3 ounces smoked salmon
2 English cucumbers, cut in lengths of 1/4-inch square
2 pieces toasted nori (sushi grade seaweed)
1 cup sushi rice

1Prepare Nori Sheet.
2First place one full sheet of sushi nori on your bamboo mat, shiny side down.
3Cover Lightly With Sushi Rice.
4Lightly cover the nori sheet with your prepared sushi rice – leaving the remaining inch and a half of nori bare lengthwise away from you.
5Place Toppings Lengthwise.
6Place your toppings lengthwise at center of your rice.
7Start Rolling.
8Fold your mat over, centering your ingredients with respect to your rice sheet to the far edge of your rice. With even pressure, tighten your roll by pressing and pulling on your mat.
9Tighten Your Roll.
10Finish your rolling by rolling your tightened roll over the last flap of nori. Repeat the tightening process if necessary.
11Slice & Serve.
12Slice your Philadelphia Roll into eight pieces.

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