Lemon Roast Chicken

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Cooking receipe to make Lemon Roast Chicken under category Everyday Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

Lemon Roast Chicken

Chicken whole

1 dash Salt

1 dash Pepper

1 teaspoon Oregano

2 Cloves minced garlic

2 tablespoons Butter

1/4 cup Water

3 tablespoons Lemon juice

Wash chicken,pat dry, season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle 1/2 oregano and

garlic inside cavity. Melt butter in large frying pan. Brown chicken on all

sides. Transfer to crock pot. Sprinkle with oregano and garlic. Add water to

fry pan, stir to loosen brown bits. Pour into crock pot. Cover. Cook on LOW

8 hours. Add lemon juice in the last hour of cooking. Transfer chicken to

cutting board. Skim fat. Pour juice into sauce bowl. Carve bird. Serve with

some juice spooned over chicken.

Lemon Roast Chicken 19

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