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Cooking receipe to make noisettes of lamb provencal under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

noisettes of lamb provencal crepinettes with creamed garlic

500g ratatouille

2 pieces of caul fat

8 long noisettes each weighing 125l50g trimmed

500g cloves garlic peeled

200ml milk

200ml creme fraiche or mixed soured and double cream

Chop or mill the ratatouille coarsely to make a rough spreadable paste. Rinse the caul fat in warm water to make it supple and cut 8 squares from it large enough to enclose the pieces of lamb. Make a bed of ratatouille in the centre of each square put the lamb on top season and spread with more ratatouille (you may not need it all). Wrap caul round cutting away any lumpiness and turn the packages over on to a plate. chill until required to make the creamed garlic stew the cloves in milk and creams in a covered pan until soft about 20 minutes. Crush sieve and season adding a little water or stock if necessary to give the puree a loose rather than a stiff consistency. To cook the crepinettes first pre heat the oven to gas 8 230C (450F) then brown them on both sides quickly in a nonstick pan brushed with oil. When they are a rich golden colour put them in the oven for 10 minutes. Pour off surplus fat from the frying pan and stir in the garlic puree to heat through and take up any meaty juices. Put a noisette on each very hot plate on a bed of garlic. Serve with plenty of bread.

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