Ancient Greek Mullet Recipe

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Type: Ancient Greek Mullet Free Cooking Recipe – Greek


Ingredients / Directions

* 6 small or 3 large red mullets
* 2 handfuls of fresh herbs finely chopped (thyme
rosemary. If you do not have fresh herbs use one soupspoon of each.
* 3 soupspoons olive oil
* juice of one lemon
* salt and pepper Mix the herbs together with the oil
the lemon juice
the salt and pepper. Spread the mixture on the belly and the outside of the mullets. Line a pan with aluminum foil and put the fish on top. Put it on the grill and grill the fish 4-10 minutes on each side
according to the size of the fish. Sprinkle continuously with lemon juice. Grill until the flesh easily comes away from the bone. Serve immediately with bread and green salad.

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