Furikake Japanese cooking recipe

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5 sheets sushi nori
3 tablespoons sesame seeds
1 tablespoon chili flakes (optional)
1 tablespoon coarse sea salt

1Heat a dry frying pan and add the sesame seeds. Swirl them around until they have become golden in color, be careful they burn easily.
2Leave the sesame seeds to cool.
3Tear the nori up into small pieces – about the size of a stamp and place in a food processor. Blitz until the nori is a coarse powder.
4Add the salt, chili and sesame seeds to the nori and place in an air tight container. Store in a dark place and shake before use.
5Sprinkle over rice, use as a seasoning in sushi, fill rice balls with it or mix with some sesame oil and use as a dressing for noodles.

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