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300 g short-grain rice (nikishi brand is the best)
375 ml water
nori, strips

1Wash rice in a colander until water runs clear.
2Drain well and then soak for 30 minutes.
3Put rice and water in a sauce pan make sure it has a tight fitting lid and wrap a tea towel around the lid to keep the steam inside
4Heat until boiling then turn to low and steam for 15 mins finally turn the heat off and let stand for a further 15 minutes. DO NOT LIFT THE LID OFF AT THIS TIME!
5Let the rice cool enough so it is warm but won’t burn your hands when picked up.
6At this point if using fillings or flavorings add them to the rice.
7Wet hands and add a little salt if you feel like it. Take some rice and shape it into a circle, triangle, cat head whatever you want.
8It is quite difficult don’t worry if yours are wonky!
9Add filling and or garnish at this stage and finish with a strip of nori either round the edge or as a “”napkin”” at one end.

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