philly Roll Sushi Japanese cooking recipe

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8 ounces cream cheese (cut to 2 8-inch lengths from a 1/4-inch square piece of cream cheese)
3 ounces smoked salmon
1 English cucumber (cut 2 8-inch lengths of a 1/4-inch square piece of English cucumber)
2 sheets nori
1 cup sushi rice (premade and set aside)
toasted sesame seeds (to garnish)

1Place one full sheet of sushi nori on a bamboo rolling mat, shiny side down.
2Cover the sheet lightly with the prepared Sushi Rice- leaving the remaining inch and a half of nori bare lengthwise away from you.
3Place your toppings lengthwise onto the center of your rice.
4Fold your mat over, centering your ingredients with respect to your rice sheet to the far edge of your rice. With even pressure, tighten your roll by pressing and pulling on your mat.
5Finish your rolling by rolling your tightened roll over the last flap of nori. Repeat the tightening process if necessary.
6Repeat the process for the 2nd roll.
7Cut each roll into eight pieces. Best served while very fresh!

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