Takoyaki octopus Balls Japanese cooking recipe

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100 g flour
1 egg
350 ml water
100 g boiled octopus (cut into 1cm square)
50 g cabbage (chopped)
10 g green onions (scallions chopped)
20 g fish scraps (tenkasu)
takoyaki sauce or yakisoba sauce or okonomiyaki sauce
ao nori (seaweed)
dried bonito flakes
mayonnaise (optional)

1Warm up iron plate and oil the surface.
2Put the batter into half of hole.
3Then put octopus and other fillings into the hole.
4Add the batter full.
5When batter on the edge of the molds become cooked, turn over takoyaki with pick.
6When batter browns turn over to form balls. Continue to heat while turning it over and over until balls become evenly browned and well cooked inside.
7Serve on plate, top with sauce, powdered dried bonito and aonori to taste desired.

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