mixed preserved meat

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Cooking receipe to make mixed preserved meat under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

mixed preserved meat

affettato misto



300 g ( I 1 ox) mixed cooked hams and salamis (such as Milano Napoli culatello salsiccia calabra capicolla prosciutto speck bresaola and mortadella)

Arrange the meats on individual plates overlapping the slices and serve with some pickles of your choice and accompanied by grissini.

In the past the presavation of meat prolonged the use of slaughtered animals especially pigs which were made into salami and hams. Now that we all have fridges and freezers and the need for presavation is no longer so vital salami hams and presaged meats are made simpy because they are delicious either as a snack or as we eat them in Italy especially in the North as an antipasto.They are enriched by a few pickles and eaten with grissini.

Serves 4

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