nuggets of fresh salmon with langoustine

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Cooking receipe to make nuggets of fresh salmon with langoustine under category General Recipes. You may find some video clips related to this receipe below.

nuggets of fresh salmon with langoustine


4 x 150g salmon filets

12 langoustine tails cooked and peeled

Salt and pepper

50ml clarified butter l

50g butter

Oil a little for frying

200g spaghetti fressh cooked and seasoned

4 canelloni of vegetables (qv)

300ml fish veloute 300ml (qv)

2 tspns fresh chives chopped

squeeze of lemon juice

Cut pocket in each salmon fillet.

Season the hagoustine tails with salt and pepper and place 3 tails m each pocket.

Cut 4 pieces of kitchen foil each 20 x 10 cm and brush them with the clarified butter

Wrap each salmon fillet tightly into a susage shape in the foil.

In order to seal the salmon in its present shape fry quickly on all sides.

Remove the foil and in a circular frying pan finish cooking the salmon in a little fresh butter until it is golden outside but still moist and pink in the middle.

Season and leave to rest.

Place 4 x 5 cm diameter pastry rings in a hot frying pan which has been coated with a little oil. Inside each one put a quarter of the spaghetti and fry until the base is golden.

Remove and keep warm in the oven.

Poach the cannelloni for 34 minutes until hot remove the cling film and cut in half.

Bring the fish veloute to the boil and add the chives.

Cut each salmon fillet into 3 even nuggets and squeeze over a linde lemon juice.

Place 3 salmon nuggets in the centre of each plate.

Place 2 cannelloni halves at the top of the plate slightly apart and at an angle.

Place the crispy spaghem circle opposite.

Spoon the fish veloute sauce carefiully around the nuggets.

Serves 4

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