Green Tea Jelly Japanese cooking recipe

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the jelly
1-2 g powdered agar (or 5g gelatin)
1 tablespoon green tea powder (aka macha)
4 tablespoons caster sugar
50 ml boiling water
300 ml tap water
sauce milk
100 ml condensed milk
100 ml milk

1put 2 tbsp of the cold water in a small bowl with the agar/gelatin and microwave until dissolved.
2mix the green tea powder and sugar. Add the hot water little by little to make a paste. then add the tap water and mix well.
3quickly mix in the agar/gelatin and place in a mould. chill in the fridge stirring occasionally to prevent separating.
4while setting make the milk sauce by combining the ingredients.
5serve the jelly topped with the milk sauce. Try to serve in shot or cocktail glasses to get the contrast of the green jelly and white sauce.

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